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Apple, Qualcomm fire lawyers, make up and kiss

by on16 April 2019

Nothing hurts any more...

The continuing dispute between Qualcomm and Apple has resulted in both giant firms stalling the divorce agreement and patching things up.

It's like Romeo and Juliet (pictured). The lawyers must have made more than a small fortune over the many disputes, but today Apple and Qualcomm have both settled their little tiff, and decided to love each other again.

Apple will pay Qualcomm an “undisclosed” amount of fees. In return, Qcom will grant a multiyear license to Apple.

Cynics might say this is an unexpected result. But realists might beg to differ. It helps Apple to be a lot closer to 5G than the flirtation it had with Intel.

So far, Intel hasn't commented on the resolution of the lovers' tiff.


Last modified on 17 April 2019
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