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Apple wants users to spend $250 on new earbuds

by on04 April 2019

Just to drop the wire

Fruity-cargo cult Apple wants punters to splash out $250 on new Beats wireless earbuds.

The announcement comes after Apple launched its new AirPods earbuds and the Powerbeats Pro are essentially wireless versions of the regular Powerbeats.

Rather than counselling their readers against such an extravagant purchase the Tame Apple Press is going out of its way to tell users they need the expensive gadgets. Unfortunately, they are making the grave mistake of talking up Powerbeats at the expense of Apple’s own product.

“Powerbeats Pro is almost everything the $199 AirPods isn’t — it’s more colourful, more comfortable, has a bigger battery, and probably better sound”, enthused one commentator

The new PowerBeats Pro is 23 percent smaller and 17 percent lighter than the wired Powerbeats 3. It is supposed to be sweat and water resistant.

The new Powerbeats Pro comes with Apple’s H1 chip, which means you can talk to Siri if you really need that experience and can pair it with your devices and taking them off will automatically pause music.

Beats claims the new PowerBeats Pro will last up to nine hours on a single charge, and you can obviously charge it using the provided charging case for the earbuds.

The earbuds come in black, ivory, moss and navy, and it will be available from Apple sometime in May for $250.

Thurrott said: “They are not cheap at all, but I doubt you will get the AirPods-like experience anywhere else.”

If by “AirPods experience” you mean spending a fortune for technology that offers no measurable sound quality from something that is half the price, which you will probably lose down the back of the sofa and is likely to fall out of your ears… yeah I guess it is hard to find that level of purchase regret and self-loathing anywhere else for that price. Unless you buy a MacBook.


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