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AMD rumoured to get ray tracing in 2020

by on29 March 2019

Navi 20 ray tracing will be less of a resource hog than Nvidia's version

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that AMD’s Navi 20 will have ray tracing which will be much better than the Nvidia version.

For those who came in late, one of the two major features Nvidia introduced with its RTX-Turing graphics cards in 2018 was ray tracing.

Along with deep learning supersampling, it offered a new way for light to be rendered in games that could be manipulated in real time to deliver more realistic reflections and shadows.

It still isn’t supported by many games and sucks up resources like a mad thing, but the expansion of ray tracing support to last-generation GTX 10-series graphics cards and the new 16-series could help encourage developers to adopt it.

If AMD backs it, the technology might have a chance.

RedGamingTech started the rumour its deepthroats suggest that  early tests show it has less of a performance hit for the rest of the gaming experience than Nvidia’s RTX ray tracing implementation.

RedGamingTech hints that  Navi 10 and 20 would both be based on modified versions of the Graphics Core Next architecture, similar to the last few generations of AMD cards, including Polaris RX 500 GPUs and Vega cards like the 56, 64, and Radeon VII.

It will, however, enjoy improvements implemented by Raja Koduri while he was with the Radeon Technology Group before he left to join Chipzilla.


Last modified on 29 March 2019
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