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Apple should make its products less attractive

by on03 September 2018

People wondering why they are not making raids harder

The US is seeing a wave of mob attacks on iPhone stores which has observers wondering why Apple is not doing more to make such raids pointless.

SFGate has been looking into a spate of attacks on Apple stores and can't work out why Jobs’ Mob does not use technology to make its goods unattractive to thieves.

While many would think that iPhones are already unattractive and dated, the price tag makes them valuable to thieves who can mod them and move them on.

“Can’t Apple track down the phones and laptops, or activate kill switches, or make the samples nonfunctional when off their special tables and outside the stores? The company won’t discuss the matter”, moaned the SFgate.

Apple’s policy is baffling experts too. Matthew Green, an associate professor of information security at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said since Apple controls the activation process required to work the products it could theoretically track down the gadgets.

But it doesn’t, and the phones clearly have a value somewhere. This suggests they are being shipped to foreign parts or broken up for parts or the thieves have worked a way of bypassing Apple’s security.

In any event Apple could be stepping up security at its stores and doing more to protect its geniuses from accidental death by robber. Yet for some reason it isn’t.

Last modified on 03 September 2018
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