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Amazon abandons the Oracle

by on02 August 2018

Herculean task

Online bookseller Amazon has had enough of Oracle’s database ways and says it will be off the software by 2020.

The plans come after the company moved most of its internal infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. It has been a long and involved process which started four years ago. And it is believed the outfit had wanted to move away from Oracle years before that. However, like many big outfits,  it was worried that it would cost too much in terms of engineering to make the great escape.

While there are those who don’t like Oracle’s licensing model, Amazon’s main problem was that it had become too big for the Oracle software to handle and could not scale as the company became supersized.

Some parts of Amazon's core shopping business still rely on Oracle, the person said, and the full migration should wrap up in about 14 to 20 months.  We expect Oracle sales teams to stop targeting Amazon.

Last modified on 02 August 2018
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