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Lenovo announces IdeaCentre 600

by on05 January 2009


Stylish all-in-one

Lenovo has come up with one of the best looking all-in-one PCs we've seen in a while, the IdeaCentre 600 which is based around a 21.5in LCD display with 1,920x1,080 resolution and it seems like the specifications beyond the screen are quite appealing as well.

The IdeaCentre 600 features Intel's G45M chipset which is normally found in notebooks and as such the choice of CPUs (no specifics have been detailed) will be either Core Duo or Core 2 Duo mobile parts. Lenovo has gone for DDR3 memory and the basic models with come with 1GB of 1,066MHz memory, while the system tops out at 4GB.

From what we can tell from the specifications, the IdeaCentre 600 uses a standard 3.5in hard drive and Lenovo will offer drive options up to 1TB. Other features include an optical drive with Blu-ray as a cost option, various WiFi options depending on model, Gigabit Ethernet, a card reader, a built in Webcam, six USB 2.0 ports and FireWire.

Optional features include various graphics card upgrades based on ATI solutions, TV-tuner options and a remote control. The base price starts at US$999 which seems quite reasonable, but we don't know the exact specifications of the various models, so it's too early to say if it'll be worth the money or not. The IdeaCentre 600 should launch during CES which starts on Thursday.


Last modified on 05 January 2009
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