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Adobe and Intel stick Flash into TVs...

by on05 January 2009


...set-top boxes, mobile devices, washing machines


Intel and Adobe have formed an axis of evil bent on bringing Flash to our living rooms.

Adobe will port Flash technology for Intel's CE3100 media processor, which will be used in TVs, set top boxes and similar devices. Basically, the new technology will allow couch potatoes to surf from the comfort of their sofa.

Adobe will optimize Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Flash Lite for the platform, and Intel will ship the first CE3100 with Flash support sometime in Q2. The move is part of the Open Screen Project supported by around 20 companies, and the long term goals is to enable web content, standalone applications and full web browsing on TVs, set-top boxes, mobile devices and other consumer electronics.

Hopefully your TV won't ask you to download and install the latest version of Flash while watching a ball game with your buddies, as it could be very painful, both for you and your tele.

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Last modified on 05 January 2009
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