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Dice Foundation rolls up with a new Bitcoin tech

by on13 November 2017

Because we all need another one

The DICE Foundation, the London, United Kingdom-based non-profit global digital currency company, is seeking funding to develop a new form of digital currency which does not use blockchain.

DICE plans to use the money that it raises for development and strategy. The digital currency is not based on blockchain technology, but more familar tech.

First, DICE users create assets for a particular entity i.e. a business, charity, or another user by mining DICE. Users have complete power in the creation of DICE, and, while they own them, businesses benefit from the associated assets circulating the economy on their behalf.

Unlike any other cryptocurrency, DICE do not exist as virtual transactions somewhere, but are instead physical chunks of data that can be printed on notes, coins, or exchanged via e-mail. Every DICE unit is a standalone bank note in digital form, capable of being used in the real world like any other money.

Therefore, the DICE model will provide a significantly smoother transition toward a fully-digital financial future, according to a company executive. “DICE will incentivise businesses while keeping the power of asset creation in the hands of regular users”, the executive said.

A lot of businesses could benefit from using DICE. In fact, the only thing that a business needs to do is to persuade people to mine DICE associated with it. This does not in any way negatively impact the user perspective but creates value for the business. There is no cheaper option for a business to begin raising capital immediately.

The DICE Foundation does not aim to gain any type of commercial profit from DICE. It will simply provide a new option to companies and commercial banks.


Last modified on 13 November 2017
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