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Bait and switch sites fall to might of Chrome

by on09 November 2017

Stop you being forwarded to another site

Google's Chrome browser is going to kill off redirects that send you to a website you didn't expect.

Chrome 64, which is being tested now and will ship early next year, sees it blocking that kind of bait and switch.

Google product manager Ryan Schoen wrote in his bog that redirects often come from third-party content embedded in the page, and the page author didn't intend the redirect to happen at all.

Chrome 64 will block the redirect action and show an information bar telling you what happened. Chrome 65, due a few weeks later, will prevent a website opening in a new tab while switching the existing tab to a page you didn't request.

Google doesn't think its changes will be a bother to "well-behaved" websites. "As always, we'll be monitoring bug reports and community feedback carefully", the company said in a statement.

Chrome is the most used browser, according to analytics firms like StatCounter and NetMarketShare, exerts the most power.

Lots of other restrictions are coming to rein in web developers who browser makers believe are pushing self-interest over a useful web. Chrome also will block more intrusive ads next year, though it won't stop trackers that monitor how you use the web and stops well short of the Brave browser that blocks all ads by default.

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