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Google’s AI nearly as bright as a US politician

by on11 October 2017

Twice as intelligent as Siri

Google's AI has the same IQ as a moderately retarded human and more than twice as high as Apple's Siri in a comparative analysis.

In their report researchers Feng Liu, Yong Shi, and Ying Liu said that artificial intelligence is currently one of the most interesting areas in scientific research, the potential threats posed by emerging AI systems remain a source of persistent controversy.

They proposed a standard intelligence model that unifies AI and human characteristics in terms of four aspects of knowledge, i.e., input, output, mastery, and creation.

Using this model, they can work out how thick AI is compared to a human brain.

The absolute IQ values they got for the AIs were:

• Google 47.28
• duer 37.2
• Baidu 32.92
• Sogou 32.25
• Bing 31.98
• Xiaobing 24.48
• SIRI 23.94

In human terms this means that Googe has the IQ of someone who is considered moderately retarded while Siri has the brain of a profoundly mentally retarded human.

At this rate Google has more IQ than many politicians, Bible Belt preachers, flat earthers, anti-vaxers and, ironically, Apple fanboys. Siri is less intelligent than Apple fanboys, which explains her popularity – Apple fanboys do not want to hear a girl who is more intelligent than them, that is too much like real life.

Last modified on 11 October 2017
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