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Android is on two billion devices

by on18 May 2017

Nine out of 10 smartphones

While the fruity cargo-cult Apple and its minions in the Tame Apple Press want you to believe that iOS is the most successful operating system, Google Android really is the clear winner.

Google told its I/O developer conference that more than two billion devices run on the Android operating system.

Google said the OS was everywhere – not just popular phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, but tellies and cars.

Nine out of 10 phones shipped running on Google's mobile OS, the conference was told.

Android doubled its user base in three years, with Google reporting 1.4 billion active users on Android in 2015. While phones make up a bulk of its devices, it is starting to see a proliferation of other gadgets running on the software.

Apple users tend to justify their OS’s ranking by pointing out how much money their favourite company screws out of them as an indication of success.

Google is starting to face problems because its OS is becoming so ubiquitous that it can be considered a monopoly.

Last modified on 18 May 2017
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