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Apple in space move

by on24 April 2017

Probably another tax dodge

The fruity cargo-cult Apple is desperately looking around for something to replace its dying iPhone cash-cow and has hired two Google satellite executives.

Word on the street is that they are going to form a new hardware team, according to people familiar with the matter. John Fenwick, who led Google's spacecraft operations, and Michael Trela, head of satellite engineering, left Alphabet for Apple.

They report to Greg Duffy who co-founded of camera maker Dropcam and joined Apple earlier this year, the people said.

The feeling is that Apple might be trying to set up its own satellite network. That would mean Jobs’ Mob could create its own broadband networking using low-earth orbit satellites.

This would explain why Apple was linked to a project by Boeing to build the network. Jobs' Mob was giving it cash.

Of course, it might not be technical at all. Apple might just want to put the first bank in orbit now that Ireland and it its other tax havens are crumbling. Jobs' Mob could claim that its entire operation has moved to space and therefore was not subject to tax from anyone.

It would buy the outfit time without having to come up with new technology.

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