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Chinese robot revolution has a few problems

by on28 March 2017

Too much cash invested in the lower end

China is widely expected to take the lead in robotic industry, but Digitimes Research thinks that it might have a few problems to overcome first.

A report from Digitimes Research says that while China has strong demand for robots, locally produced robots took up only 26.7 per cent of its demand in 2015.

Chinese firms are developing robots using government incentives and robot use is spreading. But the development of China's robot industry faces two risks: over investment in low-end robots with low added values, and oversupply, according to Digitimes Research.

The "Made in China 2025" initiative revealed by the government in May 2015 include robot industry in strategic industrial development. Then, China's Ministry of Information Technology and Industry in July 2016 unveiled a plan for developing the robot industry which specifies 10 main types of robots and five key components as targets of development.

Since Japan- and Europe-based makers have dominated the development and supply of key components, many China-based robot makers focus on secondary development of robotic systems, customised components, and after-sale services.

Siasun Robot & Automation, Effort Intelligent Equipment and GSK CNC Equipment are the major Chinese based robot makers. Siasun has extended development and production to service robots used in home care, education and entertainment, while Shanghai PartnerX Robotics and Ubtech Robotics specialise in service robots.

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