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Industry ignores Samsung’s tough battery standard

by on27 March 2017

We wonder why?

Samsung has learnt a lot from its incredible flaming battery fiasco, but it seems it is not having much luck in teaching the industry to learn from its mistakes.

In the wake of the debacle, Samsung unveiled an eight-point battery check system it said surpassed industry practices, and invited rivals to follow its model.

It has followed it on its Galaxy S8 in a move which is supposed to re-assure users. But strangely none of the rivals have publicly agreed to join in. Most seem to think that the processes they had in place were already enough.

Deep throats in the industry said that it was not that Samsung’s standard was pants, it is just that they do not want to be named in any sentence which involves the worlds “Samsung,” “Battery” or “safety”.

LG said at the time that it would rather learn from it, rather than enjoy it as competitors. For example, the new standard involves a new battery puncture test to its safety check in the wake of the Note 7 incident. LG has since emphasised a battery-puncture test that its newly unveiled G6 underwent.

Motorola said that it had its own testing systems in place which also goes beyond industry standards. It thinks that Samsung has just caught up.

Last modified on 27 March 2017
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