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Microsoft develops software for Mac refugees

by on21 March 2017

No need to cross shark infested waters

Microsoft has finally come up with software which will allow refugees from the autocratic Apple cult escape the clutches of a company that does not really care about them any more.

For a while now, Apple has not done much with its Mac range – it rarely upgrades and when it does it just replaces crucial function keys with flashing lights.  Some Mac users have been trying to escape for a while, but what has stopped them has been all those proprietary files that are locked up under Apple’s watchful eye.

Now Vole is trying to make it much easier to ditch your Mac and start using a realm, more modern computer which costs less.

It has released a new tool called the Mac to Surface Assistant, which is designed to help you transfer your important information across from an Apple machine to a Microsoft equivalent.

The assistant will look through your Mac for important content like documents, photos, movies and music, and will then prompt you to set a destination disk for the files - like an external hard drive - where you can zip-file all of your media onto. This should make it easier for anyone trying to make the transition.Microsoft acknowleges that long term users of Mac gear have no clue about technology and might need a hand.

Microsoft is keen to attract as many potential Apple converts as possible as the Fruity cargo cult loses control of its Mac market by ignoring it and then consumerise it.

Here is the link for the software - it was down when we checked, we guess that the pressure of handling so many refugees has caused a few headaches.

Last modified on 21 March 2017
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