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Visa accounts hacked

by on14 March 2017

Cardholders suffer

Thank you very much for the Aintree Iron.

Card holders with Visa credit cards have been hacked today, although the extent of the hack is not yet known.

How does Fudzilla know?  Well yours truly is the holder of a Barclaycard Visa card, and earlier on this afternoon received an automated call from Barclaycard, just verifiying that I could be compromised by a fraudulent attempt to use my card.

I persisted with the automatic call until I finally got through to a real person, who confirmed the reason my card had been stopped was because of a hack of the Visa database.

At press time, a Visa representative wasn't there to provide further details of how and when the attack took place. How do I know this isn't a scam itself? That's easy - I bought a paltry item from Amazon for £1.89 and soon got an email telling me my card had been stopped.

It would have been a bit inconvenient if I only had one credit card and was working in India, wouldn't it? 

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