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Apple sues Qualcomm for being too expensive

by on21 January 2017

Pot calls kettle black

The fruity tax-dodging cargo cult Apple believes that it can make a more than a billion dollars for suing Qualcomm for charging too much on its patents.

Apple has sued its long term partner days after the US Federal Trade Commission began suing Qualcomm for anti-competitive practices over the same issue. The commission said that Qualcomm had been forcing phone manufactures to pay “disproportionately high” fees for use of patents necessary to make a smartphone

Qualcomm denied all of the commission’s claims, and it says in a statement that Apple’s claims are “baseless.”

Jobs Mob insists that Qualcomm withheld nearly $1 billion “as retaliation for responding truthfully to law enforcement agencies investigating them.” That was apparently related to a South Korean investigation of Qualcomm, which led to an $853 million fine last month.

“Despite being just one of over a dozen companies who contributed to basic cellular standards, Qualcomm insists on charging Apple at least five times more in payments than all the other cellular patent licensors we have agreements with combined," Apple said.

The irony is that Apple has a sweetheart deal with Qualcomm which grants it exclusivity as a modem supplier in exchange. That deal had Qualcomm giving rebates to Apple, which seems to be why this suit is over withheld payments, rather than the fees themselves.

In a statement, Qualcomm general counsel Don Rosenberg said that Apple was “has intentionally mischaracterized” the companies’ agreements and has been “actively encouraging regulatory attacks on Qualcomm’s business” around the world. “We welcome the opportunity to have these meritless claims heard in court where we will be entitled to full discovery of Apple’s practices and a robust examination of the merits,” Rosenberg said.

Last modified on 22 January 2017
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