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Turn off your telly if you use Alexa

by on09 January 2017

You could end up ordering something you don’t want

Amazon’s Alexa seems to have a bit of problem playing nice with televisions.

The Amazon Echo system is always listening for voice commands and can adapt to speech patterns and vocabulary. However, it can’t recognise your voice and there are problems starting to happen where a guest or a child has accidently ordered something.

The situation was being talked about on a television channel when hosts Jim Patton and Lynda Martin were talking about a child who accidentally bought a dollhouse and a few kilograms of biscuits.

“I love the little girl, saying ‘Alexa ordered me a dollhouse,’” said Patton.

But as soon as Patton said that, Alexa users who had their tellies on started complaining that they had suddenly ordered doll’s houses.

Their devices had heard the “order” from the telly and notified Amazon.

Amazon says shopping settings can be managed via its Alexa app, including turning off voice purchasing and creating a confirmation code before any order.

The company also says any “accidental” physical orders can be returned for free.

Last modified on 09 January 2017
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