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UK government set to define proper sex

by on24 November 2016

Think of the children

The UK government has decided that it will ban all web sites which depict “unconventional sex”.

Apparently, the UK Conservative government is rather concerned that children visiting porn sites will get the wrong idea about what sex is all about. They believe that it is far better that a panel of ordinary retired army colonels, nuns, monks and, of course, loonies decide what is conventional and what is not.

After all, if you can’t trust the government to tell you what is ordinary sex, who can you trust?

A bill currently being considered would apply the same restrictions to online pornography that currently apply offline.

So, the government thinks that it can block websites that display content that would not normally receive a classification if released on DVD. If a website fails on either of these tests, then a notification of non-compliance will be sent to the site.

It is possible that the guidelines that form the Obscene Publications Act may be used. These refer to sexual acts involving urination, female ejaculation and S&M acts that leave visible marks. Given the huge volume of websites showing porn in its various flavours that are out there, how will it be possible to police, let alone shut down operators?

Those opposed to censorship of the internet say that it is a distraction. While the government is trying to enforce its definition of sexuality, it is wasting resources which should be used to tackle the rise of internet kiddie porn.

Last modified on 24 November 2016
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