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Hardware prices jacked up in UK

by on13 July 2016

Thanks Brexit

Major PC suppliers are jacking up their prices in the UK following the country's brilliant move to show the world that Britain can economically destroy itself without any help from the EU.

Dell, HP and Lenovo have all announced product price hikes just for their British customers to welcome them into the new dystopian world without Brussels.

To be fair, it is not just that the British have stuck two fingers at the thing that gave them relative economic stability for 40 years, it is mostly because the pound has fallen like Donald Trump’s popularity. Something which was costing a euro a pound, turned out to be the pound.

Dell was the first to increase its prices by 10 percent, HP says it is doing the same in order to counteract the pound's decline. Lenovo is expected to do something similar by the beginning of August.

It is bad news for resellers and suppliers who have a hard enough job selling PC hardware without having to make clients pay more for it. We wonder how long it will take for Brits to organize PC cruises to France much like they run booze cruises now.

Still at least the UK can proudly say that it will no longer have an undemocratically elected EU telling it what to do. Instead it is getting an undemocratically elected Conservative leader Teresa May telling it what to do. Apparently that is much better.

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