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Coolest the kick-starting disaster

by on14 April 2016

Really uncool

One of Kickstarter’s biggest disasters keeps getting worse thanks mostly to the antics of the company behind it.

Coolest managed to raise $13 million in funding to build a cooler and when it was ready delayed shipping it to its backers while putting it up for sale on Amazon. Now it has decided to make matters worse for the idiots who backed them and not received a cooler yet, the option paying them an extra $97 to get a product they already paid for.

The money is claimed to be for "expedited shipping and the outfit claims that the idea came from its backers. The total price still comes in below the retail price for the Cooler, although investors had been told that they would saving at least $135 off of the retail price by backing.

Coolest says it guarantees it can deliver the Cooler by 4 July, but to date, its guarantees have been pretty worthless and if you are thinking about giving them more money you might like to think about this .

According to the Verge the company has used all the investors cash and wants $15 million in funding, a third of which would be used to produce and deliver the orders currently placed.

Coolest creator Ryan Grepper has moaned that he and his team have been doxxed and received death threats. After all they did promise people a cooler and customers are clearly losing theirs and their only response is to ask for more money.

If you don’t fork over the extra money then there is no timetable for when the Coolers will be shipped out.
Grepper wrote: "In a perfect world we wouldn’t rely on new sales to help fund the delivery of backer rewards, but in a perfect world you’d already have your Coolest."

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