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Google might replace Java with Open source Swift

by on08 April 2016

Weirdy beardie software that writes a song about everytime it is forked and dumped

Google is so hacked off with Oracle's java antics it is seriously considering taking it out of Android and replacing it with Apple's open sauce Swift software.

While we would have thought that there would be little choice between Oracle and Apple as evil software outfits, the fact that Apple uncharacteristically made Swift open source might make life a bit brighter for Google. At the moment Oracle is suing Google for silly money for its Java use in Android.

Swift was created as a replacement for Objective C, and is pretty easy-to-write. It was introduced at WWDC 2014, and has major support from IBM as well as a variety of major apps like Lyft, Pixelmator and Vimeo that have all rebuilt iOS apps with Swift.

But since Apple open sourced Swift, Google, Facebook and Uber have al said that they are interested in it. Taking Java out of Android is a big job. Google would also have to make its entire standard library Swift-ready, and support the language in APIs and SDKs. Some low-level Android APIs are C++, which Swift cannot bridge to. Higher level Java APIs would also have to be re-written.

Of course if it did all this, Apple might realise that its biggest rival was using its own software to club it to death. It might not be be so nice about allowing Swift out to play and eventually Google have to fork Swift and dump the Apple version. This would probably result in an anst-ridden moany album about how life is so unfair which makes a fortune while scoring passive agressive revenge on the dumpee.



Last modified on 08 April 2016
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