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Dune case looks like a Mac Pro

by on10 March 2016

Only much cheaper

A kickstarter project has launched for a small form-factor PC case which looks rather like the Apple Mac Pro, but will be able to contain hardware which is probably much better for less cost.

The Dune case is 260 mm x 215 mm x 215 mm. Its designer is raising $130,000 on Kickstarter to get it to the shelves, and has already raised half the amount, with 8 days of fundraising to go. You can back the project from here. The aluminium-built case comes in rose gold and black.

The cylindrical design is a lot different from the Apple Pro, which has its key components arranged along three sides of a triangular structure, with cooling machinery in its black heart. The Dune Case is divided into three compartments vertically along the bore of the cylinder.

The centre has a mini-ITX motherboard with room for a full-height yet under 185 mm graphics card which is connected to the motherboard through a PCIe riser. The third compartment holds two 2.5-inch drives. A custom rear panel plugs into your motherboard. The main air channel is a 140 mm spinner that spouts warm air from the top. You need to find an SFX power supply and you are good to go

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The Kickstarter includes an option for a version for $289 with a power supply and $189 without.

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