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Keymouse named CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree

by on16 January 2016

Split hybrid ergonomic keyboard mouse combo, $399 to pre-order

Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a chance for new startups and established companies alike to demonstrate their very best efforts at disruptive consumer gadgets and products that they believe the world shouldn’t live without. This year has been no exception.

At CES 2016, one of the hottest products in the innovation category was awarded to the Keymouse, a split hybrid keyboard-mouse combo device made by Las Vegas-based ZZ Inc. that is “designed for efficiency, customizability and comfort,” according to the product description.

Upon first glance, the Keymouse might be reminiscent of a Kinesis Freestyle 2 Adjustable Split Keyboard, with the main difference being that it splits in two sides and also includes an integrated mouse. The device features dual 3,200 CPI high-resolution laser mice on both sides, a full 66-key QWERTY keyboard, a number pad (left Keymouse), an arrow pad (right Keymouse) and twelve function keys.


The keys are backlit with diodes on every key to prevent ghosting and allow up to 6 key rollovers per side, effectively giving the user a 12-key input across both Keymouse sides at any time. Additionally, the keys also feature the popular Cherry MX Brown switches for great tactile feedback while typing. Both sides use Bluetooth 3.0 for connectivity, USB for charging and feature Lithium-Ion 1,400mAh 3.7-volt batteries.

keymouse button layout

keymouse keyboard features

Dimensions of each Keymouse side are 184mm long by 140mm wide by 58mm tall (7.25 x 5.5 x 2.3 inches) with each side weighing just 0.27kg (0.6 pounds) each, respectively. By comparison, the Kinesis Freestyle 2 Adjustable Split Keyboard weighs in at 0.91kg (2 pounds) and a Microsoft IntelliMouse weighs in at 0.15kg (0.33 pounds), which makes the combination of these separate devices about 1.06kg (2.34 pounds), or significantly heavier than the Keymouse sides.

keymouse arrow shift

Video: Typing with prototype Keymouse unit

The company claims it has also received many requests for a trackball version of the Keymouse and is currently considering the development of a “Keymouse Trackball Edition” at some point in the future, with a release date sometime after the first regular Keymouse units are shipped.

So far, the Keymouse has been exhibited at the 2015 AutoDesk University in Las Vegas last month, the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, and will be exhibited next month at SolidWorks World 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

The Keymouse is currently in the late stages of manufacturing and is available for pre-order from the Keymouse website for $399. As another option, the right Keymouse and left Keymouse alone go for a pre-order price of $209.50 each, respectively.

KeyMouse – Example of Mouse DPI Settings

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