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Microsoft raises the upgrade pressure

by on16 December 2015

But not on me

I am getting slightly annoyed. Why am I the only person in the world who is not being nagged my Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10.

There are stories appearing about how Microsoft has increased pressure on users to upgrade to Windows 10. NeoWin says that Redmond has given it two choices, upgrade now or upgrade tonight.

Microsoft's 'Get Windows 10' feature on its older operating systems - which is intended to make it easy for users to take advantage of its free upgrade offer - was recently updated with revisions that, at first glance, appear to give users very little choice over whether to upgrade or not.

Of course when the window appears you just close it but it is rather annoying. But not to me because I have never seen it.

get windows 10 dec2015

Yet it seems that Microsoft does not want my custom, at least on my Lenovo NUC and Asus Note book. To be fair I already tried to upgrade the NUC when Windows 10 came out and it didn’t work so I have not tried it since the updates. But the Asus should be constantly nagging me and it isn’t.

Unlike the Neowin I have no problems with Windows 10. It works rather well on my main machine particularly after I put it onto an SSD. I am in no hurry to upgrade it onto the other machines, I am just disappointed that Microsoft does not consider me worthy of hassling.

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