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Nvidia backtracks on Kodi pirate support

by on07 December 2015

Shielded pirating activity

Red-faced staff at Nvidia published an article advising customers to site known for 'pirate' addons in order to boost the capabilities of the Kodi media player. 

TorrentFreak pointed out that Nvidia sponsors Kodi so sending its users to a site which is ripping it off is pretty silly. The article has been taken down. However it does highlight some of the problems that Nvidia has with Kodi.

The software is one of the best pieces of software for viewing pirate content online, but you have to get your paws on some less than kosher software. Kodi is very friendly with third-party addons that can turn it into a piracy powerhouse providing free access to movies, music and TV shows.

The XBMC Foundation which runs Kodi finds this pirate association is a major headache and his been taking action against infringers, filing complaints with eBay over members who sold Kodi-loaded hardware for the purpose of viewing pirate content.

Then in the middle of this Nvidia wrote an article explaining how to Install Kodi Add-ons on NVIDIA SHIELD.’ It did not exactly advise users to install illegal software but it pointed readers to TVaddons, a site that has become known not only for the promotion and development of totally legitimate software, but also a range of ‘pirate’ addons for Kodi.

Nvidia explained how to install Fusion which contains addons which allow the viewing of anything from user-uploaded content to the latest movies.
Soon after the paper was released there were complaints on Kodi’s official forums.

Last modified on 07 December 2015
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