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Apple is mostly white blokes

by on14 August 2015

Press pretends it is otherwise

The Tame Apple Press is doing its best to spin a story about how diverse Apple is after the company admitted it was mostly populated by white men.

According to an Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO-1) report filed for 2014 sixty of the eighty-three people on Apple's leadership team were white men. One was a spaniel called Colin who had been fixed and was in charge of expansion polices, but we made that up.

The company admitted that this year 69 percent of the company is still male, a figure that had fallen a huge one percent from one year ago.  

Apple's US workforce is also mostly white 54 percent.  This does not include all its Chinese employees we guess. Leaders are 72 percent male and 63 percent white.

In short it is a fairly black and white case of white male supremacy in a corporate environment similar to the Vatican (which has a much better male/female ratio).  The difference is that women at the Vatican are paid the same as the men.  It is believed that

Steve Jobs had a huge difficulty in seeing girls, which is why he took so long to acknowlege his daughter who grew up comparatively poor.  It is unclear why there were a shortage of racial minorities in Apple.

To be fair Apple is trying to do something about it, so the Tame Apple Press is talking up that.

Apple's favourite news agency,  ignored any reference to the fact its favourite toy maker was mostly white men.

Instead it only reported how wonderful Apple's new hiring policy was and how it hoped to turn things around.

It reported how Apple had hired over 11,000 women globally in the past year - 65 percent more than the previous year - to boost employee diversity.

Chief Executive Tim Cook said in a message on the company's bog: "In the first 6 months of this year, nearly 50 percent of the people we've hired in the United States are women, Black, Hispanic, or Native American."

Cook admitted that there was "a lot" more work to be done, but that was the full extent of Reuter's comment.

It failed to mention any statistic about how dominated by white males the company was. This is a little odd as the Reuters article was penned by Devika Krishna Kumar and edited by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty who are experienced journalists and should have seen that angle.

Even Wired , which normally likes to help its pal Apple out of trouble, had to admit that the figures showed that "white dudes ruled things."

What is also amusing is that we did a search trying to find a picture to illustrate this story and found that every one on Google gave the impression that Apple was sexually and racially balanced.  There were few pictures of just white male Apple employees online, which shows how much control Jobs' Mob has over its image in the media.

In the end we borrowed a snap from the opening of Apple's Chinese store. 

Last modified on 14 August 2015
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