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Fudzilla Chymera growing another big head

by on06 August 2015

team gets stronger by the day

Good news, we managed to persuade Srdjan Kupresanin to join our ranks as a contributing author.

Srdjan hails from an industry that keeps having more and more to do with tech. He's been working in mergers and acquisitions and strategic management consulting for nearly fifteen years now. Some of his clients include global powerhouses in the telecommunications, energy and tech industries, but also governments in emerging Europe.

He's helped develop 
M&A strategies for companies worth billions of Euros, but also supported medium-sized business owners in defining their business development, operational and marketing strategies. Most recently, Srdjan worked as the Adviser to the Prime Minister of Serbia, leading a small team in charge of restructuring and privatization of the largest, strategically important companies in the country. 

In terms of his relationship with the topics you're used to reading about on Fudzilla, in spite of his high-flying 9-5, Srdjan is definitely one of us: a geek through and through, just as excited to open the beige box the latest gadget got delivered in as any unreasonable gadget lover. He is also super excited about what our technological future brings - from self-driving vehicles to new approaches to healthcare and natural language processing, the changes that the technology is enabling in our civilisation are one of his main areas of interest

Srdjan has battle-tested Apple gear since the late nineties, Linux and the entire free and open and "free" and "open" thing whenever possible, Google Apps and pretty much anything consumer-facing that Microsoft has ever come up with.

In his work with Fudzilla, Srdjan will be contributing occasional opinion pieces on technology and companies that develop and sell it, and also be looking at things from the perspective of a demanding business user. So rather than the results of synthetic benchmarks, you'll be reading about what it feels like to actually use devices, software and services that real people pay real money for. He is also a bit of a Grinch, so don't expect too many gushes of admiration for people who sell you a pen-enabled device without an integrated pen holder.

We're looking forward to read Srdjan's articles on Fudzilla and hope you will enjoy them, too.

Last modified on 06 August 2015
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