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Apple plans to make BMW i3 its car

by on27 July 2015

It is dull, ugly, pointless and German let's make it even more expensive

The Apple rumour mill was all a whirl after word leaked out that Apple is choosing BMW for its first electric smart car.

Before the Tame Apple Press tells you what a high-tech wonderful car Apple is using for its proto-type, let's be clear about it the i3 is not one of BMW's best.

It is as sleek as a brick, is as comfortable and roomy as an Iron Maiden and shows nothing of the design you expect from Apple.

If this car was a vegetable it would be Terra potato – brightly coloured, overpriced but still just a spud with delusions of grandeur.

What it does have in common with Jobs' Mob is that it is widely perceived as an overpriced EV with no hint of you getting what you pay for.

Anyway the rumour is that Apple chief exec Tim Cook is in Germany to see if the BMW i3 electric car is a basis for its own project.

Apple likes the BMW i3 as the basis for its own car, because of its carbon fibre body and the fact the basic design can be adapted cheaply.

Of course, if Apple was to make a car inspired by Steve Jobs it would not need licence plates, would ignore red lights and park in disabled car spaces. That was the sort of enlightened genius he was.

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