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Windows 10 RTM almost baked

by on07 July 2015

Release to Manufacturing

The first candidate, or the final version of Windows 10, is very close. Microsoft has only three weeks before it starts offering Windows 10 to retail customers and as an update for many pre-qualified Windows 7 and 8.1 owners. 

WinBeta believes that Preview Release 10176 might be it, but Microsoft will continue improving these builds until the last minute. This preview release has still not reached beta testers in fast rings, but there are some indications that this might be it.

Windows 10 will never be done, as Microsoft will keep polishing it up even after the official launch, scheduled for July 29th. The last Preview release for Beta testers inside of the fast update ring is marked as 10162 and this one looks quite ready.

The new log in screen looks ready for consumers, the new Edge browser works just fine, and most of the other features are up and running as well. The only thing that we noticed is that the download from the Microsoft official store is much slower than it should be.

We don’t know if this is because of Beta as we noticed that downloading games, including Minions and similar games, or a preview release of Word, would take much more than a normal download from the Internet.

Release to Manufacturing is the last version that goes to OEMs and these companies are now casing time to be ready with notebooks that are 100% Windows 10 upgrade ready. Dell has a bunch of them and the company clearly wants to be ready for Windows 10. The same goes for other PC makers. There is a hope that Windows 10 might boost new PC sales in the latter half of 2015.

We would expect that Microsoft to lock down the Release to Manufacturing version this week, as it takes time to print the DVDs and distribute them to the retail / etail stores, but so far it all looks ready for the big launch on 29th of July 2015. 

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