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Apple kills off the vintage iPad mini

by on22 June 2015

People didn't want it

Apple has made the admission that people don't want the "original" iPad mini and have killed it off.

To be fair, the sainted Steve Jobs did not think that the iPad mini would work. Apple was somewhat disappointed when people made a fortune off of smaller tablets.

So Apple came up with its own super expensive version and said that Fablets would never work instead. Of course once Fablets appeared, no one could see the point in spending a fortune on an Apple mini-tablet.

Then Apple came up with its own Fablet which did rather well, but no one wanted Apple's mini-tablets, or indeed any tablets.

Now the iPad mini has been removed from Apple's website and excommunicated from the Apple Store Cathedral.

First introduced back in 2012, the device was being sold alongside its two successors at a reduced price of $249 (£156) for the 16GB model.

It was the last iOS device Apple was selling without a Retina display, with its panel at just 1024 x 768 or 163 ppi. The device was also the last iPad running on a 32-bit framework.

You can still get a refurbished iPad minis if you must. Resellers will still have some stock available for as long as they can be bothered keeping them on the shelves. You can also find a Mini 2 or Mini 3 online.

Of course buying one means you are deviating from the true Apple way, which involves buying what you are told and whatever is current.

Last modified on 22 June 2015
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