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Don't name that spaceship after me

by on26 May 2015

The ego has landed

Apple messiah Steve Job was worried that that in the cult worship that would follow his death, Apple would be moved to name its "spaceship" campus building after him

After all, it is the sort of thing you expect if you have an ego the size of Texas that someone is going to name a building after you when you snuff it. To be fair to Jobs it was a pretty good bet, not because he was worthy, but because people think he is worthy.

In a Telegraph interview, conducted by Apple fanatic Stephen Fry, the gushing comic said that he was given a tour of the Apple Campus 2, which is currently under construction and set to open in 2017.

Fry suggested the doughnut-shaped building - nicknamed the Spaceship - should be named after Jobs, who died in 2011.

Apparently Cook told him that Steve made his views on that very clear and wasn't particularly keen on that idea.

After all the building is not exactly the Great Pyramid and will be knocked down in about 30 years Mind you by then people will have forgotten who Steve Jobs was.

It is also possible that people might start saying that it does not look like a spaceship at all, and more like a loo seat.

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