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Colorado Springs man goes "wild west" on computer

by on22 April 2015

America's answer to everything

An American bloke who found his computer frustrating decided that the best way to tackle the problem was to fill it full of bullet holes.

Lucas Hinch thought he was obeying his constitutional right to take out his wrath on inanimate objects using the maximum amount of firepower possible.

It is a logical conclusion as US foreign policy, police and military tactics for the last 60 years have been to fling as many bullets at a problem and what is left will take care of itself.

Unfortunately despite what many of us Old Worlders might think the US does have a few laws which prevent people randomly shooting things.

Hinch was briefly detained under the change of discharging a firearm within the city. Apparently you have a right to bare arms you just can't fire them (which sounds strangely reasonable).

Police spokesman Jeff Strossner told the Colorado Springs Gazette that Hinch "shot the darn thing" when ctrl+alt+delete - "consistently did not work."

"He was able to wreak the kind of revenge most of us only dream about," the paper said. "The computer is not expected to recover."

Sounds to us like it was a software problem and he shot the wrong thing.

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