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Apple about to steal GoPro’s idea

by on16 January 2015

Shareholders flee

It seems that Apple is about to steal GoPro’s idea for mountable cameras as part of sporting equipment.

The US Patent Office gave Apple a patent for a mountable camera designed for outdoor sporting equipment – something which even Jobs’ Mob agrees was invented by GoPro.

In its patent filing, Apple cited weaknesses in GoPro’s camera design, such as “excessive wind resistance” and being “susceptible to damage from vibrations.”

Of course Apple will solve all these problems and it can be controlled by a smartwatch, if Apple ever releases one.

GoPro has dominated the wearable camera market since its inception in 2002, fending off competition from companies like Sony.  However the Tame Apple Press claims that now Apple has announced it is entering the market, and that it has a patent GoPro might as well pack up and go home.

The effect was immediate GoPro stock closed at $49.87 after Apple’s announcement, up 73 percent since the company’s June 2014 IPO but down nearly 50 percent from its high of $98.47.

Analysts at this point do not think that Apple will make much impact, but then they stood off while Apple marketed keyboardless netbooks in the shape of rounded rectangles for a while until the Tame Apple Press convinced them and the great unwashed that they actually needed them.

It is possible that the patent will be used to develop cameras on preexisting Apple devices rather than taking on GoPro.  

Last modified on 16 January 2015
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