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Google settles with Rockstar

by on21 November 2014

Apple’s proxy troll war

Google has settle litigation with the Apple backed patent consortium Rockstar.

Apple is a key investor in Rockstar which outbid Google and paid $4.5 billion in 2011 for thousands of former Nortel patents. Then in October Rockstar sued Google and several handset manufacturers whose phones operate on Google's Android.

Rockstar accused Google of infringing seven Nortel patents, all related to search engine technology.

Google and Rockstar have agreed to settle "all matters in controversy between the parties," according to a filing in an Texas federal court on Monday. However, the document does not say whether Rockstar has also settled with handset makers including Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

Rockstar sued several handset makers who Apple does not like using a different batch of patents. Google then asked a California judge to rule that devices using the Android platform had not infringed the patents cited by Rockstar against the handset makers.


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