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Apple Computer sells for and $600,000

by on04 November 2014

Religious relic

The only surviving Apple-1 Personal Computer to come with proof that it was personally sold by Steve Jobs is expected to sell for more than $600,000. Auction house Christie's estimates its value to be between $400,000 and $600,000 and it will probably go for more than that as the desire for religious relics from the days of Steve Jobs are passed amongst the faithful.

The device was originally the property of Charles Rickett, who wrote a check to Apple for $600, along with the words "Purchased 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents' garage in Los Altos."

It is rare because Apple gear has a tendency to catch fire. This one is operational and so cannot have seen much electricity. It will be sold along with the original cancelled cheque and a second for $193 labeled "Software NA programmed by Steve Jobs August 1976."

The auction will take place on December 11th and will include Apple co-founder Ron Wayne's archive, which consists of items like original working proofs of the Apple-1 Operation Manual and diagrams for a proposed Apple II personal computer cabinet.

If Ebay did not have an annoying rule about body parts being sold, we would expect to see other Jobs holy relics pop up. The mouse hand of the Jobs; spittle which mysteriously turns to money when a fan boy looks at it; not to mention one of Jobs’ turds, or the iPad as they were subsequently marketed as.

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