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Angry Birds maker complains of fowl play

by on12 September 2014


In a flap about counterfeit trinkets

Finnish mobile games maker Rovio, which owns the Angry Birds brand, is suing two companies for selling allegedly counterfeit trinkets based on its famous game.

Allstar Vending of Canada and US-based Toy Amazon are in the dock with Rovio claiming it was the victim of "unscrupulous individuals" trying to capitalize on Angry Birds' popularity.

Rovio accused the companies of selling bracelets, key chains, charms, as well as artwork and textiles and it wants $2 million in damages for each counterfeit item sold and a halt to their distribution.

Rovio said that, after discovering the fake items in 2012, it tried to get a settlement with the two companies. Toy Amazon, for its part, said it purchased its offending goods a bloke from a van in the Los Angeles toy district. We don’t know which is weirder, the concept that you buy your stock from shady characters or that LA actually has a district populated by toys.

Last March US Customs and Border Protection seized 17,500 Angry Birds items sent by Allstar to Toy Amazon that Rovio claimed were counterfeit. It said neither company was licensed to sell Angry Birds branded merchandise.


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