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People paid to be Apple fans

by on05 September 2014

So not as nuts as you would think

It turns out that those fanatical Apple fanboys who are already queuing up for iPhones are being paid to be there by big companies. It seems that the big e-retailers worked out that the tame Apple press will be giving people in the queue huge amounts of coverage.

Therefore, what they did was hire a few people to wear their company teeshits and camp out and they got cheap advertising. For example, two blokes are sporting BuyBackWorld tee shirts. BuyBackWorld is picking up their food bill, paying for the iPhone 6 of their choice for two weeks’ worth of work.

Others in the line include a married couple are peddling a startup called Video Medicine, which connects doctors and patients over their phones and paid $2,500 to let them cut ahead. One was quoted as saying who wouldn’t want a free phone for just being here for a few weeks and wearing some T-shirts?”

Anyone who would poke their own eyes out rather than lowering the standards of the world to create the illusion that a cargo cult really is popular, we would say.

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