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Oculus VR bans eBay Rift DK2 resellers

by on16 July 2014


No resale of development kits

Oculus VR has decided to cancel pre-orders made by the 'Oculus Rift DK2' customer, who attempted to sell his Rift DK2 developer kit on eBay for US $5,000.

Oculus managed to track down the guy and cancel his pre-order which was, according to the customer which tried to resell it on eBay, made on the morning that Oculus VR announced its new Rift DK2 developer kit. Oculus has earlier announced that it will cancel orders from China which was the center of such resellers.

Oculus VR made it quite clear that it does not allow the resale of its development kits and noted that in case you somehow manage to pick one up from eBay, there will be no warranty on the unit.

Similar thing happened with Google Glass Explorer edition and it is nice to know that Oculus VR is keeping track and succesfuly, at least for now, deals with those resellers.

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Last modified on 16 July 2014
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