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Russians invading Scotland

by on11 June 2014


Doing better than the English

Russian cyber gangsters are moving on the land of the deep fried Mars bar and the sheep’s stomach stuffed with porridge.

According to a BBC investigation, in a programme called, Russian gangs are focusing their cyber attacks efforts on Scotland's business community, particularly small to medium enterprises (SME), and households.

Detective Supt Stevie Wilson, head of Police Scotland's cybercrime unit to the BBC said that a large number of businesses being targeted across Scotland in a multitude of sectors. The attacks are crippling many businesses because the crooks are nicking personal customer data has been stolen.It is not clear why Scottish businesses and individuals have become the key target for Russian gangs.

Meanwhile, Scottish Business Resilience Centre warned that anyone with an online presence is at risk. "We've seen small shops, one-man operators, we've seen IT companies being targeted," said Gary Fairley, cyber and digital lead at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre. "We've seen some public sector bodies, we've seen local authorities. We've seen some agencies and other public bodies targeted as well, so the scale is not just traditional business."

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