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Two million UHD/4K monitors to be shipped this year

by on06 February 2014

Adoption to remain slow

AMD and Nvidia started talking up 4K gaming last year and they have already rolled out their first 4K-capable graphics cards, but for the time being 4K and UHD gear is still reserved for the privileged few, namely enthusiasts and professionals rather than mainstream users.

NPD DisplaySearch estimates shipments of UHD/4K monitors will reach two million units this year which doesn’t sound like much – and it isn’t. The average selling price of 4K monitors this year is estimated at $1,347, which explains why there are so few takers. By 2017 the price should decline to $927 and 4K monitors will account for about 8 percent of the market. The fact that one in a dozen monitors shipped in 2017 will feature a 4K panel doesn't exactly bode well for the AMD/NV hype surrounding 4K gaming.

The majority of demand for 4K monitors this year will come from developed markets like Europe, Japan and North America. So far penetration has been limited to professionals, such as designers, CAD/CAM users and multi-operation environments.

"Increased 4K-class monitor shipment volume will depend on how far and how fast ASPs decline," said Hidetoshi Himuro, director of PC and IT research at NPD DisplaySearch. "Although manufacturers hope toraise prices for 4K-enabled monitors, price competition has already begun."

Sharp, Innolux, LG Display, AUO and Samsung will be the leading 4K panel suppliers in 2014. The average size of a 4K monitor is 27 inches, although vendors are launching a number of smaller and bigger products, ranging from 23.8 to 31.5 inches. 

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