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New chip released which mimics human brains

by on30 December 2013

Not yours obviously

The French press is all a flutter over the news that boffins have come up with a chip which works like a human brain. According to the French Tribune the chip will appear in the shops in 2014. Scientists say that this chip will enable the computers to mimic human brains and with the help of this novel device computers will also be able to learn from their own mistakes. (Or surrender. Ed)


It is confessed by the researchers that this newly designed chip will be able to connect with wires and will also mimic biological synapses. In this completely new as well as digital age, these new brain-like computers will most probably have the ability to beat as well as tolerate errors. These chips will also potentially make the term 'computer crash obsolete,’ the tribune said.

These chips have been designed by the scientists in order to function identical to the biological nervous system of the human beings. 

Larry Smarr, one of many research centres devoted to developing these new kinds of computer circuits, said, "We're moving from engineering computing systems to something that has many of the characteristics of biological computing". Curiously no one has said where this chip is being made, what is being called or when it will be in the shops. We guess the French press was as short staffed as we were over Christmas. 

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