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Ouya CEO admits they made mistakes

by on23 October 2013

They vowed to do better going forward

Julie Uhrman who is Ouya’s founder and CEO admitted in a presentation at the XOXO festival in Portland that the company made a lot of mistakes and has vowed to do better going forward.

Uhrman touches on a number of the mistakes that the company made and what they have learned from them. While she admits that Ouya is a young company and they will continue to make mistakes, but that is what happens when you are building the product in the open with you. She also says that they are listening, but admits that sometime things resonate and other times its doesn’t.

We found the video compelling and very heart felt. It is difficult to say if this will change minds or not, but it does seem that they are trying hard to get it right. See the video here on the Indie Games Weblog and judge for yourself if they have learned anything.


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