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GameStop pulls plug on PS4 pre-orders

by on10 July 2013

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Initial allotment of PS4 units is a sell out

GameStop has pulled the plug for the time being on customers’ ability to pre-order the PlayStation 4. The company has a pre-order for each PS4 console that Sony has guaranteed the retailer in its initial allotment. Attempts to pre-order the PS4 in-person at retail stores or via the company’s web site will not be completed at this time.

GameStop is starting another waiting list for those that want to pre-order a PS4 console, and those interested can submit their names via the GameStop website to be notified if and when additional consoles become available for pre-order. Sources tell us (and it really comes as no surprise) that the company is attempting to work with Sony to boost its initial allotment, but it is unknown if they will be successful in doing so. Reports continue to suggest that Sony is already going to have a difficult time fulfilling the orders that it has to meet launch day. A steady stream of PS4 consoles are expected to be heading to retailers after launch day, however, if sources are correct.

GameStop is still taking pre-orders for the Xbox One both in person and via the company’s website. Other retailers do seem to still be accepting pre-orders for the PS4 for launch day delivery. It is unclear how long availability for pre-orders through other retailers for launch day delivery will last. Our retail sources tell us that at least right now the PS4 looks to be the “must have” console for this holiday season; and we expect supplies prior to Christmas to be very tight.

Last modified on 10 July 2013
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