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Fake demoniod site nets file-sharers

by on09 May 2013

But who is the mysterious owner

The P2P world was all a flutter after the infamous Demonoid BitTorrent tracker made an appearance for the first time. However it turned out that site has now been taken offline because it was an attack site packed with malware.

Demonoid has been offline since July 2012 after it suffered a huge DDoS and hacker attack. Demonoid’s servers in Ukraine were seized shortly after. A fake site,, appeared briefly. Then appeared claiming to be Demonoid resurrected. Former members of the site received the news via email, suggesting that someone with access to database of Demonoid users had indeed set up the site. 

“The heart and soul of Demonoid lives on!” the email exclaimed. “Through an amazing sequence of unlikely events, the data on those Ukrainian servers has made its way into the safe hands of members of our community and has now been re-launched as

The domain claimed to be registered in Hong Kong via a Hushmail address. RamNode have since taken down the site, citing Malware concerns. It appears that a couple of the banner adverts were inflected with something toxic.

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