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Wii U version of Black Ops 2 gets patch

by on22 March 2013

Specifically to address Wii U issues

A Wii U specific patch has been released for Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The specific update for the Wii U version apparently focuses on issues with the Wii U version that are specific to that console.

The feature changes that you will see include making the globe heat map visible on the GamePad screen while in the multiplayer menu and tweaks to address the accuracy of theatre replays following weapon use in ADS.

Changes that we would guess are based on feedback will see the Wii Remote get some improvements as well, including having to press forward and hold A to mantle and a small increase to improve aim assist snap strength.

Beyond that, the patch includes a number of fixes that address some Wii U specific issues as well as a number of issues that are not specific to the Wii U version. A good job was done outlining these fixes and tweaks in the patch notes in the community at .

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