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AMD Giveaway shifts gear

by on11 December 2012

Happy Julio de Caro

Happy Julio de Caro everyone, or should we say National Tango Day (in Argentina at least). We all know it takes two to tango, so today we are giving away two shiny AMD A10-5700 APUs.

The winners were picked by a random number generator, but judging by the names, Angela Merkel could have some pull with the generator. The lucky winners are Fabian Büscher and Marvin Held.

Also, our first winner Angelos Makis received his new processor a few days ago and he wanted to share the moment. We still have ten processors to go and on Thursday we will be giving away two more, so sign up if you want a new APU under your Christmas tree.

There’s still plenty of time and your chances of winning are rather good. Just ask Fabian and Marvin.


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