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US kids lean on parents for iPads

by on22 November 2012

Buy it at your peril

Nielsen research data claims that 48 percent of children aged six to 12 in the US want an iPad. A third want an iPod touch, another third want an iPad mini and another third iPhone. We think that all of them really need a clip around the ear to give them a sense of perspective.

Of course there are plenty of tame Apple press out there which are selling their credibility to convince you that an over priced toy from Apple is worth the money. Come on down Computerworld which actually allowed Jonny Evans to write this piece of deluded rubbish.

“You'll get a better smile from young Jacob if you give him a PC with, erm, an Apple logo on it,” Evans wrote.

So teach your kid that it does not matter how powerful your computer is, one with a lower spec and a higher price tag is much better because it has a image of a fruit on it. Thank goodness the the US tech press can provide informed comment. Significantly the numbers of kids who want an iPad drops down to one in five once they get older than 12.  This is about the age the more intelligent of them start to think about what the technology does rather than what it looks like. 

The one in five who still think the tablet is a good idea are usually those who do not understand technology and are destined to live in their mother's basement without a girlfriend. Most kids over the age of 12 get this. Of course better parents might want to look at the fact that most kids don't want any of these things. It might require a bit of research, but it is always a good idea to find out what actually interests your kid rather than what people like Evans want.

You might find that he wants a painting set or a complete suit of armour. This will be cheaper than anything with an Apple logo on it.

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