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Online holiday shopping to bloom this year

by on22 November 2012

y analyst

$43.4 billion? Where's the crisis?

If ComScore's
estimates are to be believed, consumers will spend a total of $43.4 billion on online shopping during the holidays.

Mind you, this is only for November and December, so it's quite a pretty penny. Considering that the world is supposed to be going through a tough economic patch, it may sound a bit overly optimistic though.

If the estimate turns out to be correct, it will be a 17 percent on-year increase, building on the 15 percent on-year increase in 2011. Retail industry's expectations however are a bit more modest, expecting a mere 4.1 percent increase in spending in 2012.

It appears as if the supposed troubles have only changed the actual shopping method, because they sure don't seem to have stopped anyone. In fact, the first 18 days of the holiday season raked in $10.1 billion, which is 16 percent higher than last year. Online sales apparently peaked on November 8, with consumers spending $829 million on the day.

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Last modified on 22 November 2012
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