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Fender launches Stratocaster for iOS devices

by on14 November 2012


USB Connectivity

Well, at least we have some indication of who sold rock ‘n roll, and more importantly to whom, as guitar making company Fender announced a model that connects straight into iOS based devices.  

The company’s new guitar is named the Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster and sells exclusively through Apple’s online store. Truth be told, iPads and iPhones have had some success being used at least as peripheral controllers in recording, so this was always going to happen.  

USB connectivity and iOS support means that the guitar will work with iPads, iPhones and Macs. At the same time, this means that Appletons won’t have to use various gadgets or adapters to make music with their favorite pets.

Note however that Fender developed the guitar without knowledge of Apple’s latest gear. This means that while it will work with older iPhones and iPads, the latest editions of the two will require a Lighting to 30-pin adapter, which should set them back some $29.

The guitar has a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with volume control, providing monitoring of digital signal straight from the instrument. The standard features of an electric guitar are still there and you can use it with any amp.

The Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar is available for $199.95, which in the world of electric guitars means it performs slightly better than a bucket with strings. There was a time when the name Stratocaster used to mean something, but Fender has been “addressing” that for quite a while now. How about you just rename it iStrat? [Or iSellout. Ed]

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Last modified on 14 November 2012
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